Operation Snowstorm

Making It Snow on Childhood Cancer

Raelyn was given a Snowstorm shortly after she was released home on hospice care. We invited her cousins to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity with her, not realizing this would be the last time they spent together. The pure joy she was able to experience was a true blessing. Raelyn was able to play and act as if she did not have a care in the world! For that day, she was in a winter wonderland and not worrying about her next poke, injection or medication. We have priceless memories from this day that the entire family carries in our hearts. We are forever thankful to Operation Snowstorm for the unforgettable, pure joy this opportunity brought Raelyn.
— Jenni Cutbirth

Operation Snow Storm surrounded us with a community of support; they gave us a day to play filled with genuine smiles and laughter! It was exactly what our family needed without even knowing we needed it! A day to come together for a reason other than cancer, a day to forget and just be kids!
— Ami McClure Jones

Our grandson, Radley, spent two of his three years on this earth as a patient at Texas Children’s Hospital, battling cancer. He was released in April 2016 with hospice care. Ed Newby of Operation Snowstorm contacted me and by April 9th, came pulling up to the house with snow making machines and a large band of happy, excited volunteers that provided snow shovels, mittens and treats. Yes, there was a snowstorm in Houston, Texas in April!!!

Radley was very weak and we weren’t sure if he would be able to participate, but his curiosity got the better of him and he ventured out just long enough to touch snow for the very first and what was to be his very last time. We invited his little friends to join in the fun...they too were battling their own serious illnesses. Just for a few hours, these children were able to forget about their illnesses and were simply able to be normal kids enjoying snow on a hot Houston afternoon. A wonderful photographer provided us with photos that captured all the excitement of the day; we will cherish those memories forever.

Operation Snowstorm brings the miracle of a snowstorm in Texas, to kids fighting terminal cancer. Ed told me once that he looks forward to the day that he won’t have to do snowstorms....that would mean that we had found a cure for childhood cancer....what a glorious day that will be!!!

Peace and Love,
— Sharon Rundall

Creighton received his snowstorm just four days before he passed away. On that day, he played in the snow, built a snowman, and even did a little sledding. He had a great time, as did all of our family and friends. We continually remember the fond memories of that day and how it was the last chance for all of us to be together. It was a day to forget about everything else and just have fun.
— Barry & Kris Heslop