Operation Snowstorm

Making It Snow on Childhood Cancer

Operation Snowstorm brings the joy of a winter wonderland to the doorsteps of terminally ill children battling cancer.

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Operation Snowstorm provides a child battling terminal cancer the rare opportunity to experience the miracle of a snowstorm in Houston, Texas.  We do this by dropping 10,000 pounds of snow in their front yard and providing gloves, toys, shovels and even snow sleds!  A snowstorm gives this “Snow Warrior” a day to escape cancer and enjoy just being a kid.  It also gives their family and friends the opportunity to gather together and create priceless memories.  These memories are captured by a professional photographer and the photos taken that day are given to the families as keepsakes to remember their snow day.

Operation Snowstorm began in 2014 with our first snowstorm for four-year old Raelyn, who was suffering from a rare form of childhood cancer.  On that day, she was so full of life - she played, she danced, and she smiled, but most importantly she was once again just a kid, who for a day forgot that she was sick!  Family members and friends who were with Raelyn at her snowstorm remember it fondly and still tell us how much it meant to them.  Their reaction is what inspired us to create Operation Snowstorm with the goal of providing this same experience for other families battling childhood cancer.  

Operation Snowstorm’s goal and desire is to bring joy to a child and their family at a very difficult time by
Making it Snow on Childhood Cancer!